The Controversial Subject Line That Will Increase Your Response Rate

The last few weeks at GuessBox have resulted in helping dozens of users send out their first email campaigns (either using GuessBox's internal mailing system or a third party tool).

GuessBox Outbound Email Marketing

After analyzing thousands of emails, replies and overall conversions we learned a few new tricks. The first one is the following subject line:

Reply to Michael

Important: Reply to Michael

Reply to GuessBox's Invitation?

Reminder: Reply to Eric

Obviously, Michael and GuessBox are placeholders here for your own company and first name. There are also other variations that I did not include above but you get the idea.

We noticed messages sent with the above subject lines received a 120% increase in responses.

Here are the reasons why this works:

  • It's a direct call to action
  • It mimics Google/Android's own push notification mobiles asking whether you want to reply to somebody who sent you an email.