The Persuasive Power of Professional Email Signatures (Updated 2019)

In order to offer better advice to both GuessBox users and GuessBox as a whole, I’m always running tests. Tests to see what can one do to improve their open, response, click through and conversions rate when using cold outbound emails as a customer acquisition strategy.

We all know that the majority of your success with outbound email is going to rely on how engaging your subject line is, followed by your email copy, followed by your call to action / objective etc, and whether or not you are making sure to ‘follow up’ with your prospects.

However, through recent tests there is something else I found that makes an impact. Of course, this isn’t a be all and end all of marketing hacks, but if it works and even boosts your percentages by 5% then it’s worth it.

To give you an example of a professional email signature versus a regular signature, look at the two emails below:

Regular Email Signature:

Example of a regular email signature prior to any tweaking.

Above you can see a test campaign I ran targeting people off Facebook, based on their interests. This campaign still received a response rate of about 10% which is decent enough.

Now, let’s take a look at what happens when we upgrade our email signature.

Professional Email Signature:

Professional Email Signature Number 1 Stats
Update: 1st June, 2019 — I quite liked this new professional email signature I made for HashChing the company I am currently employed at. So, there is always room for improvements folks!

Arguably, you could say this email performed better because the copy was better written, more targeted. Perhaps, however this email copy is significantly longer than the previous email, which is generally a no-no.

But… there is one thing that cannot be argued and that is the fact that users responded to and engaged with the signature. In fact, most of positively geared responses I received were from people who had clicked the video link in my signature and wanted to find out more.

Here are some stats from the above email. Remember, this is completely cold, only using data found on GuessBox and a combination of the in built outbound client, and a Gmail plugin.

updated 2019 guide on the Persuasive Power of Professional Email Signatures
Impressive email campaign stats post custom signature update.

As you can see a large number of people actually clicked on different links in my email signature which led them to express more interest in the product.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but following up either automatically, or manually when running cold email campaigns is a MUST. Your follow up email is your chance to prove that you actually care about your prospect, convince them that you’re not just mass emailing hundreds of people, and offer that ‘personalization’ with the purpose of getting them to respond to you.

Here are the stats from the associated follow up campaign. Remember these are additional replies etc, that I wouldn’t have received, had I not made sure to follow up with everybody who didn’t respond the first time.

how to create professional signature
More case study reports.

There are many services out there that can quickly create email signatures (included below) for you or if you know a little bit of HTML then I have no doubt you can do it yourself.

Note: If you are using Gmail / Google Apps, to change your email signature just log into your account > settings > general and copy / paste what is underneath into your signature box.

If you are using SendGrid, visit mail settings > footer and then you can either copy paste the templates below, or add html code by pressing ‘source’ on the footer message box.

Luckily, this is easier than it sounds so I have included instructions below in this updated version of this custom signature creator post. It’s all a matter of dragging and dropping your signature from one HTML supported window, into Gmail => your other HTML supported window.

Note: I usually put all the code I need into Sublime Text 3 and then press preview in browser.

How To Add Your Professional Email Signature To Gmail / Outlook & More

  1. Download the SnappySnippets extension for Google Chrome (not completely necessary, but it’s easier this way)
  2. Visit a page with your HTML signature is live. Open developer tools on your browser, then use the far left tool to hover over your signature.
  3. In the screenshot below you’ll notice that I then activate the SnappySnippet tab in order for it to generate me some clean HTML/CSS.
create custom email templates
After the HTML element is highlighted (or even clicked). You need to navigate to SnappySnippet tab and press ‘create a snippet’.

4. I then paste that HTML directly into Sublime Text, (it’s my text editor of choice, though there are plenty of good ones you could pick from)

professional email signature marketing
Once the code is pasted (and the file is saved). Simply right click, then open in browser.

5. Once it is in your browser, all you need to do is press CTRL/CMD + A to copy the entire signature and then paste that into your Gmail Email (or visit settings and paste it into your official email signature spot).

create custom email signature
After 'Open in Browser’ is pressed within my text editor. My new signature is ready to go.