Real Estate Lead Generation is Coming to GuessBox

Real Estate Leads

Why the big headline? Because in the near future GuessBox will be offering real estate lead generation as both an add on to our search results and as a service.

As more and more users take advantage of the 50 free leads they receive for signing up to GuessBox, we start to notice interesting variations on location, industry and job title in server log files.

Note: Of course the logs are anonymous so we have no way of matching users to search terms. I feel it's important to mention this because of the tumultuous discussions surrounding data privacy today. :)

As a result of this mass analysis of log files, we have come to the conclusion that real estate leads are going to be the first industry that we dedicate entire subdomain to.

Expect more news as we work on the bringing this to life.

Meanwhile if you want more information, or want to request a real estate lead set please contact us or use the live chat form on our website.

And remember to sign up for a FREE GuessBox account, to receive your 50 lead credits!