In the effort to continue to improving the GuessBox b2b lead generation platform, we are always adding new features to make your life easier, and more profitable.

This week we welcome a few big features including but not limited to, automatic follow ups, multi-keyword search, Google Apps integration etc.

So, what is multi-keyword search?

Previously, you were only able to enter one input per search as per below:

GuessBox Search

But now, just by separating your search with a comma the previous search can turn into this:

Multi-Keyword Search

And the app will return all your requested results without the need for running multiple searches.

Edit: 19-05-2016 For a full walk through of how to use the Multi-Keyword search feature please watch this video:

Just another way of easily narrowing down your lead search.

That's it for now! Stay tuned for a big update to our email automation system later this week.