What is B2B Online / Email Marketing?

As we move out of public beta at GuessBox we are working around the clock to provide users with the best B2B marketing database and online lead generation tool available. In fact, due to improvements in our development processes we have well crossed over 2 million leads - all accessible and searchable through GuessBox.

GuessBox B2B email service

So whether you're looking for sales leads, real estate leads, financial or whatever your business may desire we have you covered!

But... what's the point of generating a bunch of email leads in your niche if the process to actually reach out to them is time consuming, and ineffective?

Introducing Version 0.1 of GuessBox's B2B Email Software

No longer do you need spend time and money sourcing, and exporting leads, just to add them back into an email client and go through the process of setting up an email campaign again.

With GuessBox - it takes just one click (and maybe a username/password). You can simply run your search, select the leads you want to outreach to, use personalization tags like {FirstName} and hit send!

But it gets better! I know this is starting to sound like an informercial, but using Rapportive you wil also be able to engage with your leads without ever leaving your inbox.

Here are two videos. The first is just an introduction of what the platform can do so far, but we have big plans for the coming weeks.

And the second video describes, and I quote "The Email Marketing Hack That Will 3X Your Response Rate"

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