You might be thinking, what the hell... SaaS is all the rage right now. Why would you want to move away from it?

There's an important lesson that I will try convey within this post. It's a simple on too, so no strenuous thinking necessary! Are you ready for it?

Just because something works for someone else, and you hear about it reguarly doesn't mean that it's going to work for EVERYBODY. It's the law of averages. Even the most obscure technique, strategy or application will stand to benefit those that understand their audience and its true purpose.

Let me preface this by saying that when GuessBox first launched in December 2015, and officially in February of 2016 the number of B2B lead generation companies in the market were able to be counted by using your fingers and toes. It's nearing the end of 2018, and to count that number now, you would need dozens of people with many many fingers and toes.

My point being is that the space became really popular, really quick. So, what do you do when suddenly you are faced with hundreds of new competitors, all with the same promise you vowed to make upon starting your company? You adapt! (or run yourself outta' business).

Over the last three years we have understood an increasing amount about where our strengths and weaknesses lie.

Passing The Torch

That bring me to the following piece of news. In 2019 will be limiting its online lead generation & automated email marketing software in favour of a much more personalized service appropriate to each client, agency or company that chooses to work with us.

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What Does This Mean?

This means that most users will no longer be able to access the app as pictured below, and any requests for leads, campaigns or other automated email marketing services will be accepted on a case by case basis.

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What Will The GuessBox Team Offer as Part of This New Model?

We understand that even with the  fanciest email marketing software, some teams just don't have the time to invest in learning how to best utilize and personalize it for their campaigns.

Most people we have spoken to prefer a solution that gives them the opportunity to simply outline their project specifications, target audiences and then sit back as qualified leads drip through their inbox requesting meetings, more information, or ultimately direct sign ups.

So, here is a comprehensive list of all the things that will be included in these new enterprise models, starting at $699.95

Enterprise Email Marketing & B2B Lead Generation (High ROI Guarantee)

  • Complete verified B2B lead generation (as per your specs) with the higher granularity offered by any B2B company. This means that aside from gathering standard contact, company and job information (that anybody could find off LinkedIn) we go a step further and build complete prospect profiles for each recipient which include things personal to them: their interests, groups they belong to, latest posts, overall sentiment analysis and more. So, that you have many different ways to start the conversation.
  • Setting up of DKIM/SPF/DMARC, domain authentication, mail servers and all the other technical things that many companies forget to do, and as a result only receive subpar results during their outreach campaigns.
  • Copywriting (with your guidance) all emails for optimal conversions, and personalizing them to each recipient. Starting from your intro email, all the way up to your stage 4 auto-follow up.
  • Designing your professional email signatures as we know they work SO well.
  • Email content testing for any spam triggers using some of the industry's leading methods and checking systems.
  • Providing further consultancy once your campaign(s) are running and learning off that data either:
    - Make changes during the campaign
    - Understanding how to optimize your next email campaign for even better results.
  • Finally, if required we can guide you through setting up deep attribution, and tracking across your campaign(s), and help you use the data we have gathered in other forms of online marketing such as:
    - Building custom audiences on Facebook
    - Narrowing down your Twitter niche lists to run with lead generation cards
    - Cross-connecting your Facebook & Google Ads campaign for increased data sharing. I discuss this technique more in an upcoming post.
  • Building Email Ready Personalized Landing Pages. This one is a bit special that's why we decided to place it in bold. What if every recipient on your campaign's email list received a link unique to them within their email, and once they clicked on this link they were directed to a landing page which uses previously gathered data about this company or individual to build a hyper personalized experience.

    And what if I told you this was done en masse and no two recipient's would ever land on the same landing page? Pretty cool huh.

These are just some of the many different services we will be offering those who make the right choice and decide to work with us.

Our Guarantee: If two months after our custom campaign your company doesn't see an ROI HIGHER than what you paid us, we WILL refund you the difference. And, that's a promise!

Are you interested? Want to learn more, or get a FREE quote? Fill in the form below and one of the members in our team will be in touch shortly.