How To Use Spintax To Improve Your Email A/B Testing

In this post, I want to talk about one highly overlooked feature offered by GuessBox to A/B test your email campaigns. And, what I hope will become a regular occurrence, at the end of the post I will share a new email hack I discovered.

What is Spintax?

Those of you who were in the internet marketing space many years ago, you might recognize the word, "Spintax" as being a function of many of the popular email marketing, and internet marketing apps of the early and mid-2000s.

By putting words, phrases or links in curly brackets like this:
{B2B Lead Generation|Cold Email Marketing Software|Email Marketing Automation} the user's app of choice would rotate between those options when posting articles, sending emails or submitting content to sites like Digg.

So How Can I Add This To My Email Marketing Campaign?

  • Click on the 'Setup Email Campaign' button in your sidebar. If you haven't uploaded a contact list just yet, you can go ahead and do it now. Once you have done so, click the 'send email' button next to the campaign name. Outbound Email Marketing

  • Inside the box that appears you can write up email, or simply copy and paste it from wherever you may have been keeping your copy. Email A/B Testing With Spintax

  • As per above, you can add any words or phrases into curly brackets (in the name, subject and content fields) and when you press send a different variation of your email will be sent to each contact.

Note: Sending emails via GuessBox requires an active SendGrid account with your API details added in the email settings page.

And that's it! :)

Email Marketing Hack July 9th - GuessBox & Grammarly

If you install the Grammarly Chrome extension, you can get your emails automatically proof-read (or even re-written) directly through GuessBox.

Grammarly and GuessBox Email Proof-Reading

In the image above the little green icon at the bottom right of the content field is a Grammarly button. If you click it, your browser will load another screen and show you your errors and allow you to keep writing up your email.

Once you have finished click the 'back to users' button in the top left corner and it will paste your new email back into the GuessBox content field before you send it out.