Today is an exciting day. After months of hard work, GuessBox is finally ready for public beta. Watch the 2 minute video below to learn how to use the app and sign up today to claim 100 free lead credits!

Also, whilst we are in beta you can use the code: '25OFF' to get 25% off any GuessBox subscription or on-demand package.

GuessBox is a B2B lead generation and verification platform which allows you to seamlessly search through 2+ million leads and export them into a clean spreadsheet, ready for your next email campaign.

All data is verified as of the day so you can rest assured knowing that the people receiving your emails will be active, and real.

So if you're a business that sells to other businesses don't underestimate the value of having the correct list of people to reach out to. You'll find that no other marketing channel comes close in efficiency, cost and accessibility.