Like many people who first find out about Incent my first response was this is too good to be true, what's the catch?

However, for those of you familiar with my previous writing it's evident that I sustain from jumping on the wagon simultaneously with everybody else, not until I have personally used the tool for at least two months and experienced impressive results.

How Does This Incent Work?

Since the majority of readers of this blog are those to whom I would refer as being tech savvy, I'm not going to go into the specifics of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology.

So, long story short Incent which officially launched their digital rewards platform only two months ago and they just announced their BIGGEST member deal ever with United Petrol. Talk about growth!

However, I will mention that Incent is a service which only requires one to link their spending account (in the same way as you may be familiar with other investment apps like, Raiz (formerly Acorns) and Pocketbook and for EVERY transaction you make, for EVERY dollar spent (wherever that may be... ;) Incent rewards you with an active and tradeable cryptocurrency, rather, it's the first Australian cryptocurrency* which you can either watch grow over time, or through a couple of steps withdraw into fiat currency (hard currency).


Here's an example of my total account balance since I first started using the service. Remember Incent isn't investing or putting aside your own money... rather the INCNT coins that you receive are originating from the market.

I can always recall the moment when people first realize how it works and they look at me with astonishment and ask,"So, you mean I'll get rewarded for just paying rent or shopping?"

"Yes! I respond (my enthusiasm ranges on the time of the day it is, and how long that means there is left until the bar next door opens... :) which funnily enough is something I always enjoy being rewarded for. "But, shh... that's just between you and me"

You're Telling Me I'll Get 20% Back On Fuel? šŸŒŸ

I'm glad you asked and I'll try to keep it as simple as possible. For the month of September (be quick, there isn't long left...) Incent is running a deal with United Petrol that will earn ANY Incent user who is either on a 30 Day Free Trial, or is subscribed to a premium plan (plans begin @ $10/month) 20% BACK in Digital Cash (i.e INCNT) on EVERY transaction at ALL 400+ United Petrol Stations around Australia.

That's it! Sounds pretty easy? Right.

Here's an example of what my rewards page looks like.

Crypto Rewards - Get Free Crypto

How Do I Get Started?

To get started redeeming this offer (and receiving rewards at every other location you shop as well) please do the following:

  1. Create a free Incent account here.
  2. Sync your 'spending account' (aka, the bank account or credit card that you use most oftenly) in order for Incent / Partners to verify whether or not you actually shopped there.
  3. Go find a United Petrol station, and fill up your tank! You'll notice the rewards appearing in your Incent account within 24 hours (sometimes sooner).

Note: If you decide to refer a friend to the app (which I chose not to do using my referral link above to demonstrate my integrity... damn my morals!) You will both earn an additional $5 credited to your accounts immediately (potentially more, once you are sync'd up)

*If you would like more information about this specific deal, please visit the original member petrol offer here.*

And... if you want to read a funny story about how my car ran out of fuel (which was part of the incentive behind me wrting this piece) read: An Exciting Way To Get 20% Back On Your Fuel

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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