Over the last few weeks we made a really hard push to make outbound email marketing a more accessible feature in GuessBox. I know we started off small, with a simple 'send to email' button once you had selected your target leads, but have a look at some of the new things we are releasing today. I know I'm happy :)

  • Settings page redesign, now with options for following up 'automatically' if your lead doesn't reply after a certain period of time.

  • Cleaner user interface for submitting details, and instructions provided on the spot in the form of written and video tutorials.

GuessBox Settings

  • We are now working with ReplyApp.io to make them one of our exclusive email sending counterparts. As previously, we only offered SendGrid as an integration. That's no hate on SendGrid. Love You SendGrid!

  • Slightly off topic, but we have added over 500,000 new records to the GuessBox B2B database.

  • User defined follow up times. If you can see from the screenshot above, now you the user can specify the maximum amount of times you want an 'automatic' follow up to go out, and how long to wait prior to sending it out. A great addition to your outbound email marketing campaign!

  • Auto follow up also has a neat little toggle switch from which you can turn it off and on and any time and it won't interfere with previous emails sent.

  • You can 'clear' your auto follow up history emails within GuessBox in case it is getting a little messy.

Create Your Own Campaigns

Probably one of the biggest features we've been working on is the ability to not only email people you find through GuessBox's search results, but also have the ability to use it as your own complete outbound email marketing solution.

This means, being able to upload and tag your own lists AND continue to use mail merge features such as {firstname}, {company} etc.

Check it out:

Custom Outbound Email Marketing Campaign

But Wait! There's More!#####

Aside from all these cool features which I can't wait for you guys to play with. We have also implemented a special version of A/B testing.

That's right. Intentionally, old school styled to keep in the nature of our company.

  • When writing up your emails you can now use 'spintax' in addition to the typical mail merge tags.

What is 'spintax'? Good question! If you were in this space around 10 years ago, programs were being built with something called 'spintax' and simply put it's a method of A/B testing and/or randomizing your messages.

How does it work?

{Hey|Hello|What's Up?} If I put words, phrases, even links into curly brackets like so and then divide each one with a bar | GuessBox will go ahead and rotate whatever is in those brackets every time it sends a new email thus giving you a really easy and fun way of A/B testing your copy and potentially avoiding limitation issues if you are using certain kinds of servers. You know who you are :)

To wrap up, here's a full example of an email one might write.

Hi {FirstName},

What's been happening at {Company} recently?

I heard that {there was|something happened|an incident occurred}? and I wanted to know if everything was {ok|back to normal now?|good again?}



Perhaps, the email above isn't the greatest example but it should give you an idea with a use case for Spintax (hopefully, it's not something unfortunate, like a work incident). But, at least you know that you can A/B test your emails.

Note: If you noticed I bolded the standard mail merge tags above, it was to highlight the fact that they do not interfere with any use of 'Spintax' or A/B testing.

That's it for now, I've probably missed something because there has been so many new adjustments and improvements, but I'll make sure to write up some lengthier documentation and make a video demo.

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