Imagine this scenario for a minute. You're out of your office for once (I know, right), and you're out with your friends having drinks, smoking cigarettes (and not objectifying your co-workers) in spite of what the characters in a 1960s New York advertising firm may have taught us.

In case you missed that, I am referring to the now ended television show, Mad Men which centered around a group of advertising execs in the 1960s.

Nonetheless, so let's bring that analogy to 2019. You are still out of the office, perhaps you're at a networking event, or perhaps you're at the bar after the networking event because you find out it was undeniably lame. Perhaps, your friends surround you complimenting the liquid courage you're obtaining from that 18 year old scotch... or even better yet, let's assume you're by yourself.

Next to you comes sit a nameless individual. You shake his or her hand, and ask, "What's your poison?" while motioning the barkeep.

"Spiced rum, rocks" they respond, remaining enigmatic.. A few seconds pass and they lighten up a little bit, "Thanks, it's my first time at one of these things. I couldn't take it, t'was far too overwhelming... that's not usually like me. "

"I hear you" you reply, more at ease knowing that you weren't the only one who couldn't stand being in there tonight.

"Yeah, I have gone to these events a million times before, yet I just froze up today" you confess to the nameless stranger.

"Right!" He exclaims, almost joyous.
"The energy just wasn't right in there, way off..."

"That's right..." you reply.
"So, what was your name?"
"E-", replies the nameless stranger just as a NYC truck bellows passed the bar you're both sitting in.

You feel a little stupid because dash-E (as you call him in your mind) didn't feel the need to repeat his name. So, either he thinks that he spoke loud enough so as to break through the roar of hundreds of poor horses glued to a truck engine.

That's horsepower right?

Or... he just assumes if you didn't get it, you would ask again..

Little does he know you're not the, 'awkardly ask again' kind of person. Instead, you would much rather invoke the use of bud, dude, man, chap and a thousand other terms of masculine endearment for the entire period of your friendship than have to admit that you didn't hear it.

Then it hits you. Recently you threw out your cardboard built business cards because some guy on the internet told you there was a better way to live!

Your mind starts brewing ideas. All you need to do is drive the conversation to work, feign interest or something... hell who knows maybe you'll even make a mutually beneficial encounter out of this.

Another hour, another drink. Another half hour, another drink. This guy is suddenly your best friend. There's nobody like him! You're laughing, you're giggling, smitten even with yourself and how much of a hoot you really are (regardless of what that soul eating sociopath Nicole tells you).

Throughout the inception of your new friendship you realize that this semi-nameless man could really benefit from knowing you, (and not just because your one liners are on point tonight).

So, as the night winds down and you begin to sober you remember that it's nearing 2:00am, your wife has threatened to divorce you five times already, and that is disconcerting because it's one time more than what you typically expect.

"Boy, that sure was fun!"

You're in luck! Because for scenarios like this setting up an automation workflow via your mailerapp (I use MailerLite) but the same can pretty much be achieved regardless of what you are using.

**What if instead of handing out a business card, you simply handed out a link? And your automated workflow would take care of the rest. ** Pretty nifty eh?

For instance I have GuessBox Card set up, meaning as soon as somebody arrives on the page and enters in their details, an automated email goes out sending over your own details.
No more manually adding people to your CRM! And... follow-ups are made a breeze.

Example Detail Exchange Landing Page

And there you have it! Big or small, this trick always comes in handy! Especially when adding it to the end of a worthwhile piece of content or value added material(s).