This month was very difficult on all fronts. While we continued to receive a higher than usual number of sign ups thanks to some recent press features, I was personally unavailable for the majority of the time due to illness, and travel, and that definitely delayed the progress of some things. I would like to apologize to anybody who personally affected by my absence.

Thankfully, with the help of a great team we still managed to release a few new game changing updates to our B2B email automation system.

Before I list, the list of updates. I would like to say that The Entrepreneur's Guide to Effective B2B Email Marketing has been delayed as I discuss in the above post, it is now scheduled to be released in early September.

August 28th Updates:

  • The ability to specify how many automatic follow ups to send out if no reply is received to your original message. The minimum is 1 (if activated) and the maximum is 10.
  • You can now specify how long to wait until the first follow up is sent out (minimum 8 hours, maximum 1 week).
  • You can use Spintax to add variations to your email:

{Hello|Hey|How are you?} will automatically randomize with email sent. You can apply this same technique to subject lines, links and anything really. Add as much variation as you want to your emails & test your results!


  • Are you looking for a product that you can use to contact your own set of leads with? GuessBox now gives you the option of uploading your own list of contacts in .csv format and then personalizing your messages. See below.


This means that you can now set up full B2B outbound email campaigns to either the leads you generate from within GuessBox or to your own personal list. If you really want to get creative you can even use GuessBox to send newsletters to your existing clients.

Note: All contacts and campaigns you upload or run are completely encrypted and secure. We have zero way of viewing, accessing or sharing them in any way.

  • If you have reply tracking set up all replies will now appear under history > auto follow up history.

  • You can now send 'test' emails prior to sending out full campaign. To do this, click on 'Preview' then 'Send Test Email'


  • You can now 'clear' and 'download' your entire sent email history going to History > Email History and then clicking one of the two buttons below.


  • More advanced search functions, now taking into account different keywords that mean the same thing (i.e. NY & New York. US & United States or USA etc). These can also be used the multiple keyword search function by separating each search with a comma. See below. (i.e NY, LA & Chicago)
  • Easier to use IMAP settings and toggles for reply checking, and auto follow up.


  • Closer integration with our friends at ReplyApp. We are working towards having a full integration live shortly.

  • Documentation regarding available industries. Click here to find out what industries are available to be searched from within GuessBox right now.

  • We also noticed the auto suggest feature was acting up, so we have temporarily removed it whilst we work on improving it.

  • Currently working on integrating FullContact to make things even easier for some of enterprise clients.

Note: A full demo video describing each of the individual parts mentioned above is being made. Please visit and subscribe to our YouTube page for further information.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for a plethora of great content this week, and remember to share & subscribe for exclusive offers and discounts!